Friday, April 15, 2011

Got bored waiting for my new cables...

Sorry I haven't posted much in the past week or so, but lesson planning and my portfolio have been at the top of my list of priorities, but here is a little insight on my newest technical adventure.

As I mentioned in a previous post I currently have two hard drives I am planning on installing in my new system. A 500GB WD Scorpio Blue, and the old hard drive from my deceased laptop. To add these two Hard drives I needed a few extra cables (SATA and power adapters) which I ordered from Amazon 4-5 days ago. Well it turns out I ordered the power adapter and sata cables from businesses on the Amazon marketplace rather than directly from Amazon, so they're taking a while to get here. And due to my lack of patience and large amount of free time I have had today I decided to disconnect the Windows 7 HDD in the computer and connect my old latop HDD just to see if it would boot into a fully working system without any problems, and to my surprise, IT DID!!!

I figured that there would be some drivers missing that wouldn't allow the system to run correctly, but after an extended boot period I was able to boot into a fully functional desktop at the standard 1366x768 resolution of my monitor. The only reason I tried this out was because a professor of mine had lost a few files that I had turned in digitally the day before my laptop crashed and I needed to recover them, luckily it worked! And when that molex adapter finally comes in I'll be set to install UbuntuStudio x64, which I will definitely post about.

Also, while waiting for my parts to arrive and to take a break from my school work I have been hosting a minecraft server from my PC and playing with a group of friends. For any of you readers that play the beta, you can connect at

Cheers, and have a great weekend.

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  1. Man you've just reminded me I need to spend some cash on my rig soon :(